Cary Bazalgette
Research on children and moving-image media

Complete list of publications


Primary Media Education: a Curriculum Statement BFI 1989 – editor

Teaching English in the National Curriculum: Media Education Hodder and Stoughton 1991

New Directions: Media Education Worldwide/L’Education aux médias dans le monde: nouvelles orientations BFI/CLEMI/UNESCO 1992 – editor with Evelyne Bevort and Josiane Savino

Report of the Commission of Inquiry into English BFI 1994 – editor

In Front of the Children: children’s audio-visual culture BFI 1995 – editor with David Buckingham

Making Movies Matter: Report of the Film Education Working Group BFI 1999 – editor and co-author*

Moving Images in the Classroom: a guide for secondary teachers using film and television BFI 2000 – editor and co-author*

Look Again! A Teaching Guide to using film and television with three- to-eleven-year-olds BFI/DfES 2003 – editor and co-author*

* available online at

Teaching Media in Primary Schools Sage 2010 – editor

Teaching Packs

Reading Pictures BFI 1981

Selling Pictures BFI 1983 – editor

Starters: Teaching TV Title Sequences BFI 1983 – editor

Picture Stories: starting points for media education in the Primary School BFI 1986 – editor

Criminal Records: teaching TV crime series BFI 1988 – editor

Media Education: An Introduction (teacher training pack) BFI/OU – editor

Screening Middlemarch BBC/BFI 1994 – with Christine James

Switch On! Ofcom 2010 – with Marion Janner

Animagine Film and Video Workshop/BFI 2011 – with Simon Oatley

Journal Articles and Book Chapters

‘The Myth of Transparency’ Screen Education 10/11 (Spring/summer 1974)

‘You saw all the Sweat: Analysis of Classroom Discussion Through Tape Transcript’ Screen Education 15 (Summer 1975) – with Danny Padmore and Neil Galbraith

‘Regan and Carter, Kojak and Crocker, Batman and Robin?’ Screen Education 20 (Autumn 1976)

‘Real Entertainment: The Iranian Embassy Siege’ Screen Education 37 (Winter 1980/1) – with Richard Paterson

‘Teaching Power’ The English Magazine 1983

‘Teaching the Television Generation’ The Listener 17th Jan 1985

‘Making Sense for Whom?’ (review) Screen vol 27 no 5 (October 1986)

‘They Changed the Picture in the Middle of the Fight: New Kinds of Literacy’ in Language and Literacy in the Primary School, eds Margaret Meek and Colin Mills, Falmer Press 1988

‘The Politics of Media Education’ – paper presented to BFI Easter School, 1989; reprinted in Alvarado and Boyd-Barrett, eds, Media Education: An Introduction (BFI/OU 1992)

‘What Would Lord Reith Have Said?’ Spectrum no 9, Spring 1993

‘From Cultural Cleansing to a Common Curriculum’ English and Media Magazine Summer 1993

‘Teaching for Tomorrow’ Public Policy Review October 1993 (with Giselle Dye)

‘La Enseñanza de los Medios de Comunicación en la Enseñanza Primaria y Secundaria’ in La Revolución de los Medios Audiovisuales, ed. Roberto Aparici, Madrid, Ediciones de la Torre,1993

‘L’Education aux Médias dans le Débat sur les Programmes Scolaires en Angleterre’ in ‘Education et Médias’, Mediaspouvoirs no 35, 3eme timestre 1994

‘Screening Middlemarch: the Pack of the Film of the Book’ English and Media Magazine, Autumn 1994 (with Christine James).

‘An Agenda for the Second Phase of Media Literacy Development’ in Media Literacy in the Information Age, (Information and Behavior, vol. 6) ed. Robert Kubey, New Brunswick, Transaction Press, 1997

‘Why Media Studies Matters’ in Formations ed. Dan Fleming, Manchester, Manchester University Press, 2001

‘The Development of Media Education in England: A Personal View’ in Handbook of Research on Teaching Literacy Through the Communicative and Visual Arts, vol ii, eds James Flood, Shirley Brice Heath and Diane Lapp, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2007

‘Media Education in the UK’ in Revista Comunicar, vol XV, no 28, March 2007

‘Teacher Training for Media Education in the UK’ in Medienimpulse, no 59, March 2007

‘Media Education: International Strategies’
‘Transforming Literacy’
– both in in Empowerment through Media Education eds Ulla Carlsson, Samy Tayie, Genevieve Jacquinot-Delaunay and Jose Manuel Perez Tornero, The International Clearinghouse on Children, Youth and Media, 2008

‘Towards a Manifesto for Media Education: The Entitlement Project’ (Spring 2011) at

‘The Role of Emotion in Early Movie-watching’ in Media Education Journal, 60, Winter 2016-17